17 Feb 2010

Come of age

Fiuhhh...I think it's really not easy being an adult.We always reminded about our responsibility as an adult. Our responsibility about works, family, friends, life, and especially about what we should done in this life.
When I was student, I always scared if I spent my time just for watching tv, playing games or with my friends and not for studying, so i get bad mark in my school and i can't continue my study in a best school. But now, it becomes bigger. When I wake up in the morning I really scared if i'm not really hard works so i won't be a good human, not productive, and being useless. Don't you think like that?? You can't get the good position in your job, can't get bigger salary, can't make your parents happy, can't do something bigger than now, can't reach out your dream, and then your life getting not mean.
I really want to have meaningfull life. I can do my works well, get a good salary, buy my daily needs, make my parents happy, have good friends, improve my self for my future, usefull for people, plan to get married, plan for my new family, and happy ever after.
And I always pray so I can do that well...
Life is just once, so make it beautiful and meaningful...