16 Feb 2010

Imlek dan Pasar Semawis

Finally, after almost 6 years I lived in Semarang, I set my foot on Pasar Semawis. I went there on last Saturday night. It was coincided with Imlek Days. I must persuaded to Heri, Anik, Dian, and Beng2 first to accompany me go there. Yes, I didn't know how to get there. And I thought it must be very crowded in there. So, I need them to guide me, hahaha... :D

There were so many food stands, they sold anykind of chinese foods and drinks. But I just bought Mie Cool, such as ice consist of noodles made from jelly, fruits, and ice cube. And I bought "wedang tahu", which is hot ginger water and smooth tofu inside.

I took so many pictures there with my fiends, in the food stands and chinese shrine. So, let's see the pictures :p